" Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see what is not always seen.”
Paul Klee


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Absolutely not. Mentoring is a free platform.

If you have any doubts, contact us! Mentoring experts are always available to help.

Can I get free tickets?

For now, Mentoring is limited to specific territories. In the future, initiatives will be offered throughout Italy.



Absolutely not. Mentoring is a free platform.

Yes, with Mentoring, you can propose your initiatives and be financially supported by mentors. In practice, you can sell tickets for your exhibitions, shows, activities, and much more.

No, Mentoring is an ethical platform deeply concerned with protecting all kinds of minorities. Projects that offend a specific category of people and contain illegal, indecent, or inciting content will not be tolerated.

E' molto semplice. Basta iscriverti al sito e attraverso l'apposita area inviare i dettagli del progetto compilando i campi dedicati. Poi uno dei nostri esperti lo controllerà, e se sarà valutato idoneo sarà pubblicato.

Companies and professionals support projects and gain visibility and image in return. In addition, any funding you make will be monitored. You will know where your investments will have gone and what benefits they will have brought you.

Of course! Using Mentoring means supporting society, so every supported project translates into a tax discount.

From the control panel in your reserved area, you can keep track of supported projects and where the support or tickets offered went.


Schools, cultural associations, local authorities, voluntary associations, and groups working for civil good are admitted.

You can help spread culture to your associates or students by taking advantage of projects supported by mentors. You will get free tickets for your candidates.

In the Mentoring control panel, you can recommend worthy beneficiaries as an institution.


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