What is mentoring

Mentoring is your chance to support a young person or a disadvantaged person. Decentralize social support and strengthen your corporate image by controlling the outcome of supported initiatives.
Gustavo Zagrebelsky


Four realities, one goal

Mentoring shifts the focus from supply to educational and cultural demand, creating a real ecosystem managed by a digital platform according to the typical ways of a smart community, expressly oriented to create a dialogue between four worlds characterized today by a low level of cooperation:

  • beneficiaries, with special attention to young people and people at a disadvantage; 
  • the educational, cultural, and artistic offer, especially small and local;
  • the business world and, more generally, the institutional and economic players, involved with a new form of engagement, an alternative to the traditional sponsorship role;
  • the Educational Institutions and the Agencies of social protection in the territory, which, within the ecosystem, play the role of referrers of young people and people worthy of support. 

The Mentoring project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • support the growth of young people in art and beauty through the provision of scholarships, inspired by the need to promote and facilitate access to educational initiatives of the territory (not only educational and training initiatives but also theatrical, symphonic, opera, concerts, etc.) by deserving and/or less affluent students and more generally disadvantaged groups;
  • establish a real solidarity network in which cultural institutions merge (theatre – music – dance, cinema, artistic training, museum heritage, etc.) their beneficiaries, mentors, and the world of institutions;
  • implement the ecosystem through a web platform that connects the various players according to the Smart Community logic.

The Mentoring platform coordinates all these subjects and supports the beneficiaries of the cultural and educational initiatives, ensuring that the Mentors can exercise the outcome of their mentorship activity with a maximum degree of control since the support is ad personam; Moreover, since mentoring takes place within a community, a reflection of the social and productive fabric of the reference territory, the social and image return is also high.


Ecosystem Mentoring

  • Cultural offer

    Cultural workers propose their initiatives to be integrated into the Mentoring program

  • Business and commerce

    Companies support initiatives by providing vouchers/scholarships

  • Educational institutions

    Schools recommend students eager to access cultural offerings

  • Beneficiaries

    Beneficiaries enjoy the benefits without spending anything and participating in initiatives


Mentoring is an ethical community

Mentoring is not about profit but about the people involved. They get a return in economic, social, image, and personal enrichment terms.

Participate to contribute to a growth in beauty!


How the platform works

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