" The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”
Pablo Picasso


A world of benefits

Mentoring is the first social platform that actively involves schools and public or private institutions. Through a simple enrollment process, an institution can introduce a range of stakeholders who benefit from mentorship activities. For example, a mentor offers 100 tickets for a play about Homer. A school can request that these 100 tickets be donated to as many deserving students. In this way, the school can enjoy the benefits offered free of charge, and the mentor benefits from image performance by involving deserving and underprivileged schools and students.

Moreover, the institutions themselves can become mentors by supporting important artistic activities or even be the promoters of the activities, all through the same online platform.

Schools and Associations

Institutions are all those bodies that contribute to the spread of culture and the development of civil society. Voluntary associations, in particular, can encourage the dissemination of culture among their associates and among people they support, recommending a series of underprivileged and deserving subjects who can take advantage of the tickets offered by mentors.

Take advantage of these benefits now. Enroll in Mentoring.


  • Engage with those who are struggling

  • Helping worthy subjects

  • Get free benefits

  • Ease of use of the platform