Propose a project

"Enrich your journey with culture and art and become something valuable to yourself and others."
Angela Randisi


Many cultural workers for concrete support

Mentoring aims to facilitate access to cultural initiatives, and to integrate cultural workers and their activities into this platform and network.

The aim is to make the schedule of particularly rich and varied initiatives accessible to young people, students, and disadvantaged people and, consequently, to extend the network of stakeholders involved in Mentoring as far as possible.

Your initiative for Mentoring

How to start?

On the Mentoring platform, you can present your initiative or event (concert, theatre season, exhibition, training course, etc.). In this way, you can become part of the network of people who want to support the growth of art and culture.

For the event reported, some tickets will be made available reserved for young and disadvantaged people recommended by schools and social protection agencies in the area and supported by Mentors.


  • Raising funds for your project

  • Advertise your portfolio

  • Broadening the audience to private individuals and institutions

  • Meet new artists and share your ideas

  • Attract the attention of qualified Mentors and financial backers